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the little purse: Especially Aggravated Circus - expecially -

Hector's bargain - ocean monkey

There, you're on the floor - to walk the dachsund - a Dither'd nosegay

the sweetest paw: Chili IV - Lady Weenus - Yeti Sweti -

Corky's Theme - Meat Kerchief - ____1____

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Pioneers of Mumble Core and rising from the ashes of the Post Stutter Rock Scene, the New Faggot Cunts have spent the last year twitching their way through Noise and Rock. Risking embarrassment and loathing, NFC brings to each show a clean slate, what you see is what you get and what you get is a one-of-a-kind unrepeatable event. Previous shows have included a meat themed evening on Good Friday, complete with an all meat barbecue, steak loin cloths and hamburger helmets. At a springtime show with Black Dice and Aveytare & Panda Bear an attendee broke out into a sandwich only minutes into the set. While the Aveytare set remained sandwich free, Black Dice produced a repeat performance by said patron (who for reasons I can't comprehend stuck around after the first 'episode'). The dawn of sandwich Core, a term later adopted by bands like Hair Police to describe the uncontrollable spasms created by the members while performing. But keeping the record straight, you must either perform while having a sandwich or an audience member must endure the trauma, sorry guys faking it doesn't count. Joining the lineup on this tour is martial arts expert and culinary avatar, Matthew St-Germain (guitar and choreography), the monkey behind the typewriter at the FREEDOM FROM label, and member of groups like New Port and Nitrous rOxide2 (described as a methed-out Sebadoh on a bad night). MSG assumes the all-you-can-eat approach to the buffet of sounds offered by the NFCs. Rekindling the lost art of super-group, sans that whole Primus/Police/Phish thing, the NFCs are less traveling Wilbury more Powerstation, if you will, with MSG adding a Robert Palmer kind of sex vibe to the whole thing. The New Faggot Cunts are Chris Davis (drums, vocals, chili, head of security), Angela Messina (guitar, vocals, bass, keyboard, record rack, flute) and Derek Schartung (guitar, Realistic, vocals, toy keys, record rack, saxophone). They reside in Nashville, TN, with the exception of MSG who battens down his hatches in Minneapolis, MN. Hear what happens when North meets South, thee rock summit of the new century.

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